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  • December

What is mobile friendly website?

 The big monitor became small which can fit in palm to take your instruction with little gentle touch. Yes, we are talking about the smart phone. Today almost everyone uses smart phone to quickly browse internet than going to laptop or desktop. However, desktop users are always there and of course it will continue to be there, however the primary design specifications comes from the laptop/desktop screen size. The most browser support resize of the screen efficiently than earlier so giving user the same experience in variety of the screens sizes. When a website is designed, the foremost important element is compatibility with various screen sizes with Mobile First approach which means giving the best look and feel for mobile screen sizes.

 A webpage should create impressive look and presentation with rich colors scheme, image and textual representation by leaving the user exceptional experience which can be remembered for a long time. It should leave the band symbolism and significance so that users can easily recollect and be familiar with the site and the brand.

Navigation and Arrangement of screen.

        One’s aspect is very different in desktop verses mobile views because of it’s screen navigation pattern. The desktop approach follows the vertical scrolling whereas the mobile can leverage the horizontal navigation along with the vertical. By the dimensional representation, the mobile is in portrait style whereas the desktop or laptop are presented in landscape. It makes the big difference in designing the arrangement of elements and sections. In order to give user a good feel any element must meet a basic screen resolution requirement with perfectly chopped height and width, so that the presentation module can be visible at its best scale by getting the rearrangement plotted in a transposition way or the horizontal scroll approach.

The cards presentation

        One of the best presentation styles followed in today’s web design team is the presenting viewable elements into cards. Cards presentation carries a perfect shaped image with rich presentation styles and textual content by describing image and it contains a link for viewer to access full content.
        The card presentation is very much used in cases like showing profile, about the team or any individual whose information can be presenting with image and textual content.

The Carousel Effect

        Most of the web users of Microsoft Office users should have experience the slide show, right ? exactly the web even in a static page can bring such great feel with the Carousel effect. Almost in every website starting from the single page site to a large corporate or product landing page just appears with rich presentation of beautiful images in vibrant colours. Generally the effect contains 3-4 pages but not more, so that user will have change to see what website landing page talks instead of skipping. Numerous website use opening or the slide show effect along with the Carousel effect.