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How do you select a best website design for your business?

The landing page, when a user try to access your website they will see landing page – it should be like what you see in first 3-4 seconds. The page must give user a fell and experience than just browsing a random website. The color scheme, key business offerings and easy access to view production or services. In today’s fast moving world, no one waits longer time for a page to load, it must be an instantaneous experience so the lighter the images the faster the site load.

Color scheme

You need to create a very unique impression which starts from your personal identify for local business, medium to large the logo and team behind the organization and the feel created by ads or selection of colors in presentation. If we look at jewelry stores the impression must be an elegant royal feel because so a darker theme background with right gold and yellow foreground colors combination gives the perfect bled. In other case if we talk about a restaurant then very clean presentation with traditional look and creating and impression to users that they would be attending to a wending event and great feel of cherishing lovely moments with family and friends, because we know that everyone comes to restaurant for food but you give impression that the ambiance and a pleasant feel they would experience. Or, another examples is the beauty parlor so neither the dark theme nor complex colors but a light color combination with a well explained professional services with beatify images giving impression of how the final outcome of your service would look like and the most important thing is follow the theme of your beauty shop so your users will not surprises when they visit your outlet or website because both follow the same pattern and gives them comfort and confidence that they are not knocking other door but where they want to visit.


Most of professional service users like simple patterns than zigzag or radium colors so choose the appealing font and limit the text that visible on landing page. Don’t try to explain everything on just first page, when you create impression they would eventually like to browse further. So you can create blogs and image gallery where users like to read more or explore beautiful images about your services and customer experience. One of the most important section is the testimonials where you share the experience of your customers with the new users who like to explore your services. Organize the design patterns in a way either you go for very right presentation or a perfect professional look but never mix both. Asking expert advice is preferable.


Very particularly on the landing page it must be very clear to user about your services. The landing page should resemble what they get as a service from your organization / company. Sometimes adding more content or images seem to be very good but in reality it’s not.